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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The First Day at Chimac Festival 2017 (Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival) - A Night Edition

The First Day at Chimac Festival

-  A Night Edition 

A perfect place to chill with your friends

As the evening approached, more people were coming in! We met Rachel and Khoo Shufeng from Singapore who were visiting Korea for Chimac Festival! Definiely, Chimac Festival is the it-festival to check out! They told us they were very pumped for the festival! 

We also bumped into a group of people from England and America who came back for Chimac Festival for the second time!

A nice view and chimac. What else do we need?

Just like previous ones, Chimac Festival 2017 were filled with people from all age groups. They were all chilling out and celebrating summer together. 

Fun events continues throughout night 

At the Live Pub, events happened all day long. One of the popular ones was "Who eats chicken the fastest" You would have been impressed how fast they could get meat out of the bones!  

Spectacular fireworks and the opening ceremony

It's the time that most of people were waiting! The opening ceremony officially announced the beginning of the festival! The next 5 days will mark the peak of festivity in Korea! 

 andk-pop cncer
rtLive concert, k-pop frenzy!

We can't say it's a festival without the beats, raps, and energy! Microdot definitely overwhelmed the stage! 

Last but absolutely not least is Mamamoo! Duryu Park was never been louder!
Chimac Festival 2017 continues until July 23. You should definitely come out today!

The First Day at Chimac Festival 2017 (Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival) - A Day Edition

The First Day at Chimac Festival
-  A Day Edition 

The Festival is about to begin

We've waited for this time of the year! We hurried ourselves to #Duryu_Park to get the first glimpse. There are a number of staffs that help you find locations and what to enjoy at the festival. Find a person in a orange top when you need help! 

The sprays of water cool down the streets. A huge amount of crowd visits Chimac festival each year and fills the entire park. There were 1 million visitors last year and among them were 70,000 foreigners. 

Yes! Chimac is what we all love

The core of the festival! Chimac! You can buy chickens and beers at the Premier Zone, Star Road, etc. There are more than 70 different brands of chickens. We've tried a couple of them and I loved tasting unique flavors of each chickens along with my fresh beer!   

Hand-creafted beers, sodas, and more! 

If you are looking to try different types of beers, you've found the right place! You will get to see hand-crafted beer as well as popular brand ones. If you are with your kids or friends who don't drink, there are other drink options, too! 

The festivity is literally everywhere. 

Anywhere you go, you will be entertained with different views. You can also participate in a game, contest and perhaps an interview with Daegu City facebook Live! 

You might get to even see celebrities. I followed a crowd and some occasional screams and found Jung Joon-Yeong, a Mamamoo member, and Jo Se-Ho. 

Sparkling beers, smoked chickens, ghosts, balloon dolls. You will find yourself amused all day long! :)

"Chimac Festival @18:30"

Here is a special video for you! Get a feel of the vibe of a day at Chimac Festival 2017! 

Monday, July 17, 2017

2 Things Happening at Global Zone @Chimac Festival 2017

2 Things Happening at Global Zone
@Chimac Festival 2017

Courtesy: Daegu Chimac Festival

Are you getting pumped for Chimac?(I am!!) It's only 2 days before the D-day. We've already thrown out 2 Essential Info posts earlier this month. In addition to that, we want to highlight a Global Zone aka Foreigner Zone because it has two fan-favorite features. 

1. Travelers’ Service Center (TSC)

■ DATE: July 19- July 23
■ Location: Foreigner Lounge (Global Zone)
What to expect: Info desk, Translators, a photo zone, Daegu tour guides offering tips and information on Daegu tour, free wi-fi, free phone chargers, etc

2. Horror Booth

■ DATE: 17:00 – 22:00 July 19- July 23
■ Location: Foreigner Lounge (Global Zone)
What to expect: [Game] Win over Ghosts, [Facepaintng] Mimic a ghost, [Photo] Take pictures with ghosts

[Game] Win over Ghosts
Your kids can’t drink alcohol but they will find their fun at this booth. They can do fun games against a ghost such as a staring contest, arm fight and more.

[Facepaintng] Mimic a ghost
If you love Halloween, why not have a little pre-Halloween in the summer? Get a facepainting for only 2,000-3,000won or 5,000won if you want more sophisticated art on your face!

[Photo] Take pictures with ghosts
When everyone is instagramming pictures of beer and chicken, how about posting something like the above? Add a little spookiness your Instagram for the summer! 

[EVENT] Guess Which Chicken Brand Originated from Daegu! Comment and Earn a Bingsu Gift Coupon

[EVENT] Guess which chicken brand
originated from Daegu! 
Leave a comment and earn a bingsu gift coupon! ;)

You can find all brands mentioned here at Chimac Festival! (Are you coming??) You can also find more than 70 brands of chickens there. Smoked, grilled, or fried ones, you will find something that you love. 
■ DATE: July 17- July 23
■ WINNER REVEAL on July 26 (*only expats living in Korea)
■ REWARD: bingsu gift coupons for 5 people

Friday, July 14, 2017

3 Ways to Thrive in Daegu Summertime: Horror Adventure, Ice Festival & Chimac Festival

3 Ways to Thrive in Daegu Summertime

As we get knee deep into summertime, we crave for activities that we can channel our minds to. Whether that is through thrill, freezing water, or food, we are all ready to hear what options we can choose from. Here are 3 summer activities you can do in Daegu.

#1 Zombie Outbreak in Daegu

Courtesy: E-World

Are you a thriller seeker or zombie fanatics? Each year E-world presents its proud Horror Adventure for people like you. The Adventure Square has already turned into a Zombie Town and excited people with programs such as Zombie House, Zombie Attacks, Zombie B-boying, etc. If you have trouble falling asleep every night, come out to survive against this zombie apocalypse. You will sure to experience an thrill-filled fantasy land and sleep like a baby at night. In addition, fan-favorite Aqua Fantasy goes on throughout July and August, don’t forget to check its watery programs!  

Courtesy: E-World

The Zombie Adventure
Date: 6/17 – 8/28 every Weekends + 7/28, 8/4, 8/15
Hours: Zombie House (17:30 – 21:30)
Location: E-World
Address: 200, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
KR Address: 대구시 달서구 두류공원로 200
What to expect: Zombie Town, Zombie Attack, Zombie House, Zombie Flash mob, Horror Parade, Horror Clown Circus, Horror Clown B-boy Dance.

# 2 Endless Mini Vacations

Courtesy: Culture PR Division, Seo-gu Daegu Metropolitan City

If you have raised or are raising a kid, you get that kids never get tired of playing outside. Especially during the summer it seems like they can’t wait to go out and soak themselves in water as soon as they open their eye in the morning. E-Hyun Swimming pool is an excellent getaway for these kids. It will offer them an endless mini vacations throughout summer. In addition to that, the annual Ice Festival will grab their attentions on July 29 as it has many DIY booths, performances, and fun contests taking place at the festival. If you don’t live in Seo-gu, you can check your a free swimming pool in your area!  

Courtesy: Culture PR Division, Seo-gu Daegu Metropolitan City

E-hyun Swimming pool
Date: July 14 – Auguest
Hours: 11:00 – 17:00 on weekdays, 11:00- 18:00 on weekend (close on rainy and chilly days)
Location: E-Hyun Swimming Pool
Address: 122, Munhwa-ro, Seo-gu, Daegu
KR Address: 대구시 서구 문화로 122

Ice Festival
Date: July 29
Hours: 11:00- 18:00
What to expect: Opening Ceremony and performances(Korean traditional dance, choir, orchestra), musical gala and other performances, ice cave, DIY booths(make beach balls/fans/squirt guns/ice coffee, face painting, etc), various contests such as standing on ice, melting ice, finding a treasure, etc.

# 3 Energy Boosters

When it’s hot or cold out, it is important to stay well-fed. One of the most popular energy boosting foods is definitely chicken! Imagine 43 millions of fried chicken, 300 thousands litters of Beer at a place: this is what describes Chimac Festival 2017. Your favorite chicken brands like Kyochon, Ddang Ddang, goltong, and 70 more chicken brands presents their yummy treats to visitors. You will be also delighted with hand-crafted beers and other popular beer like Corona and Hogadden. Chimac Festival 2017 is going to be biggest of all. Let me know if you have your own way to boos your energy during summer! 

Chimac Festival
Date: July 19 – 23
Hours: 16:00 – 22:00
Location: Duryu Park
Address: 309-1 Mt, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
KR Address: 대구광역시 달서구 두류동  310-9
What to expect:
k-pop concerts(MAMA MOO, Ulala Session, Haha&Skull, etc), folk concerts, EDM Party, Chiken Run, Chimac All that Music, etc.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Essential Info for 2017 Daegu Chimac Festival No.2

Essential Info for

In this blistering hot summer, Daegussians relish this time of year in a hotter way. This is what people have been all fussing about lately: Chimac Festival!
Last week, we released The Essential Information to get the best of the festival. If you haven’t checked it out, here is the link:

Courtesy: Daegu Chimac Festival

 Daegu Chimac Festival will be filled with festivity each day: k-pop music, hiphop, folk songs, EDM, dance music, pop, and you name it! Just imagine an entire park turning into a huge venue for festival where you can walk(or stroll if you prefer!) with a beer in your hand and eat crispy chickens when you get hungry. Your friends and sweethearts are with you enjoying a variety of events happening throughout the park. Actually, Chimac Festival has gotten bigger and bigger each year and now the festivity extends to Gizzard Alley of Peace Market, E-world, and West Market Franchise Street as well.
At this festival you will get to fully gear yourself up for the summer spirit! So, come out! Let’s get the best of this summer 2017!

#1 Schedule
The complete schedule is out! Check which day and parts of festival you want to check out! 

Courtesy: Daegu Chimac Festival

#2 Foreigner Lounge aka Global Zone - Enjoy free wi-fi and charging
Do you remember this map from the previous post? Among 5 spots, Chimac Global Zone(yellow one) will come very helpful at the festival. Here you can use free wi-fi and charge your cell phones for free(even iphones!)

#3 4 Information Centers

Courtesy: Daegu Chimac Festival

There are 4 information Centers along the main street(the purple line) They are very conspicuous as they shine bright yellow. Here you can find English speaking staffs and a guide written in English. Pick one up and enjoy the most out of Chimac programs! Info Centers also function as Lost & Found. 

─When: July 19 – 23
Where : Duryu Park
Address: 309-1 Mt, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
KR Address: 대구광역시 달서구 두류동  310-9