Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Attractions in Daegu - Visit Daegu 2011

In the promotional video of Daegu 2011 visit year, 4minute visits major tourists attractions in Daegu. 

Let's travel with 4minute! 

Daegu Stadium
It is a sports stadium located in Daegu, South Korea. The Host Venue for the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011 is a time tested facility that it was also the host venue of the highly successful 2002 FIFA World Cup, the 22nd Summer Universiade (2003), and the Colorful Daegu Pre-Championship Meeting, which has been held annually since 2005.


It is a theme park full of things to see and experience such as the herb garden, where various herb plants can be enjoyed throughout the year.


Gatbawi is the representative masterpiece of the unified Silla Kingdom. There is a widespread 
legend that this buddha hears at least one prayer among individual prayers, and from daybreak, those desires make prayers stand in a long line.

Dongseongno Street

Dongseongno, which starts from Daegu Station to the Central Police Station, is the busiest street in Daegu with the Don-A Department Store, Lotte Department Store and other large department stores. This commercial district offers various brand name products and large restaurants with various foods.

Duryu Park

It is located near Daegu Culture and Arts Center where various performances and exhibitions are available. There are the nation-biggest 30,000 seats of Kolon Outdoor Music Hall, Daegu Tower of 202m in height, and E*World, a theme park complex. 


It is well established with amusement facilities such as boomerang and roller coasters as well as big and small theaters, exhibition hall, convenient facilities and lounge to present pleasure to your family members, friends and lovers with its endless events.

4minute's "Visit Daegu 2011" Promotional CF English ver.

Korean girl group 4minute's
"Visit Daegu 2011" Promotional CF English ver.

4minutes has been appointed as an honorary ambassador for "Visit Daegu 2011" last December. Let's go to the places with a thousand colors in Daegu.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Introduction of Daegu - VISIT DAEGU 2011

In 1601, Gyeongsang-gamyoung, the ancient government of Gyeongsangdo province, moved to Daegu and has since improved a lot of things, such as economy, education, and culture. If you want to see real Korean history and culture, it is necessary to visit Daegu. 

First of all, Daegu has distinct natural characteristics. Daegu has many mountains, such as Palgongsan, Bisulsan, and Apsan, as well as major rivers, such as Gumho and Sincheon, which gives the city an image of being a basin. If you climb up Apsan at dusk, you will see a wonderful night view. 

Secondly, Daegu has unique weather patterns, as the area is very hot in the summer, however, the Daegu government recently received an award as a Solar City by IEA. Over the past 10 years, many government employees have planted trees and developed ponds, throughout the city. When you visit Daegu, you will notice a very eco-friendly environment. 

Thirdly, Daegu is a vital traffic center for highways and railroads in Korea. 

Finally, Daegu has high quality industries. Since the end of the millennium, Daegu has been a Milano project which has improved the local textile industry to produce high quality and high value products. Currently, Daegu is investing in infrastructure, Information and Communication, mobile, and biotechnology, to establish itself as a leading R&D hub in East Asia.