Thursday, July 5, 2012

[Tour] The Hidden Attraction of Daegu, Heimat!

Take a short break with classic Music!

I will introduce you a Classic Music Room, Heimat, where you can hear classic music and feel nostalgia. This unique place is not even well known among Daegu people even though it has been existed in the middle of Downtown Daegu since its first launch in 1957. Heimat means Hometown in German and I found the definition of the word on its official website.

Heimat is a specifically German concept to which people are bound by their birth, their childhood, their language and their earliest experiences. Heimat found strength in an increasingly alienating world as Germany's population made a massive exodus from rural areas into more urbanised communities around the country's major cities. Heimat was a reaction to the onset of modernity, loss of individuality and intimate community.
Heimat began as an integral aspect of German identity that was patriotic, without being nationalistic. Regional identity (along with regional dialect) is an important foundation for a person's Heimat.
The specific aspects of Heimat — love and attachment to homeland and the rejection of anything foreign — left the idea vulnerable to easy assimilation into the fascist "blood and soil" literature of the National Socialists.

(reference from

As I already mentioned, Heimat was built in 1957 and has been operated by a family for three generation. It was a center of culture in those days to such an extent as to have 400 to 500 visitors a day. One of the interesting things is that you can hear music with an LP record. People visiting Heimat say that they come to Heimat to recall their youth.

Only two classic music rooms left in Korea now and it's lucky that we have one in our city. you shouldn't miss Heimat when you come to Korea. If you are lucky, u can listen to a small concert! Tea place is also provided as you see in the picture above.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[Festival] Enjoy the Art festival in the City of Culture and Art!, 2012 Daegu Hotel Art Fair!

2012 Hotel Art Fair in Daegu!
Enjoy the Art festival in the City of Culture and Art!

Daegu has held diverse culture and art festivals every year worthy of the culture and Art City, Daegu. One of the fascinating Art festivals is going to be held soon. At Novotel, the 3rd Hotel Art Fair in Daegu will be held for three days from July 6th! This will be a special opportunity for you to appreciate various Art works from the galleries across the country.

* Pre-view/Press : July 5th (Thu) From 6pm to 8pm
* Date : July 6th(fri) t ~ 8th(sun)
* Where : Novotel Ambassador Daegu, 14, 15 F
* Opening Hours : 11:00am ~ 8:00pm * entrance is available until 7pm
* Admission Fee : Free
* Supervisor : Galleries Association of Daegu, Galleries Association of Korea Daegu branch
* Sponsor : Daegu Art Fair
* Participant : 32 galleries and associations

Hotel Art Fair has already become widespread in Europe, Japan and Hongkong. At the 2012 Daegu Hotel Art Fair, you can appreciate not only painters, but also sculptors, installation and media art. Various paintings and art will be carefully arranged on beds, sofas, and desks with an artistic touch. One of the great things about hotel art fairs is that you can feel how art works fit in a normal house setting. Through the experience, you can read the trends of Art Market as well.

    (Images from the 2011 Daegu Hotel Art Fair _

You will have another special experience through the special exhibition of ceramics and auction event that anyone can participate in. Feel free to stop by Hotel Art Fair in Daegu to make a memorable experience!

Lacation & Transportation

- City Hall – City Bus No.521 and 600
- Novotel Daegu City Center – Regular Regional: 106, 400-1, 401, 410-1, 600, 650, 909
- Express: Express1, Express 3, 508,518
- Premium Regional: 508,518
- Regular Local: Gachang 2, Donggu 1, Bukgu 3

- 10 minutes from Jungangno Station, 15 minutes from Daegu Station, Subway Line No.1
- 15-minute walk from Gyeongdae Station, Subway Line No.2

- Base fare from Daegu Station, Subway Line No.1

From Daegu International Airport
- Route: Daegu Airport – Bokhyeon 5-way Intersection – Gyeongdae Bridge – Jungang-no Boulevard
- Time: Approximately 5 Km / Within 15 minutes

From Dongdaegu Station
- Route: Dongdaegu Station – Fatima Hospital – Gonggo Intersection – Gyeongdae Bridge – Jongang-no Boulevard
- Time: 3 Km / Within 10 minutes

(Click here for more information about the location _

Monday, July 2, 2012

[Transportation] Enjoy Summer of Daegu with a train free pass ticket, ‘Rail 路(Road)'

- What is Rail (Road)'?

Theres an interesting train free pass ticket only available for the people under 25 in Korea. The ticket is called RailRo, which means rail road, and its provided twice a year on Korean students vacation period, in Summer and winter. With RailRo ticket, you can travel anywhere in Korea for seven days in a row by riding specific KORAIL Trains. RailRo is a privilege of young people's youth and thats why many university students in Korea take a train trip with RailRo on their vacation. Foreigners under 25 also can get this benefit if you have your passport. Why dont you stop by Daegu while you are traveling around Korea with RailRo?

- Brief information about the ticket.

* Target? All Koreans and Foreigners under 25 (foreigners should be with passport to buy the ticket)
* Period? June 1st, 2012 ~ September 6th(Tickets on sale until August 31st)
* Ticket Price? 56, 500 Won per person.
* Where can I get the ticket? Any KORAIL Train Station in Korea

* Tickets are available only to the first 2,000 people.

- Daegu City also provides some benefits for the RailRo users.

Daegu City provides various discounts for Travelers. When you show your RailRo tickets at the specific places for accommodation, food, shopping and attractions, you can get some discounts. Here's the discount information.

1. Accommodation.
   : 5,000won Discount per person at the hotels below.
    (In the hotle, Apsan business hotel, Enterpark hotel, New grand hotel, and Midus hotel.) 
* Reservation must be required.

2. Anjirang Spicy Gob-Chang street
  : 10 % discount at any restaurant on the street.

3. Pyeonghwa market ddongjib street
  : 10 % discount at any restaurant on the street.

4. Dongin-dong Jjim galbi Street
  : 10 % discount at any restaurant on the street.
    * 5% discount with credit cards.

5. E-world Free pass 
: 28, 000 won  20,000 won

6. Herb Hillz
: 20% discount 

7. Palgong Mountain Cable car
   : 8,000 won  6400 won

8. Camp by Coffee Myungga 
   : 50% discount for all coffee drinks
    (2-ga 71,Gyesan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu)

9. Hanuelhosu cosmetic(Oriental medicine cosmetic)
   : 10% discount
    ( B1, Daegu City Center, Novotel, Gukchaebosangro 611, Jung-gu)

10. Daegu City Tour
   : Degu City Tour Double Decker Bus 5,000won  4,000won (Tel. 053-603-1800)
   : Palgong Mountain Circulation Bus 5,000won  3,000won

    Samsung Plus Tour (Tel. 053-627-8900), Dongdaegu Tour Information Center (Tel. 053-939-0080)

- Other benefits from Dongdaegu Tour Center

1. Gyeongbuk National University's Dormitory is available for 5,000won

* Period: From July 1st to Aug 31st
* Fare: 5,000won per one person per one day
* First come, first serve. Reservation must be required.

2. Free Bicycle Rental Service
* Period: From July 1st to Aug 31st
* Available bicycles are only 10.
* Price: 5,000won per one person per one day
* First come, first serve. Should return the bicycle before leaving Daegu.

3. Gungjeon Lavender Zzimzilbang Discount
   : 8,000won  6,000won

4. Lotte Cinema 30% Discount coupon will be directly provided when you buy a Railro ticket at the Dongdaegu station Tourist center.

* Dongdaegu Tour Center (Tel. 053-940-2223, 2456/
   Manager: Migyeong Roh (Tel. 053-940-2223, available from 9:00am to 6:00pm)

- 2012 RailRo Travel to Daegu : Modern Streets of Daegu

Modern Streets of Daegu is one of the representative tourism attraction which won Prize of The Tourism Attractions With No Obstacles provided by Korea Tourism Awards. This streets are very meaningful because their modern attractions are well preserved. You can feel the 100 years of history along with the 1.7km long streets.

- 2012 RailRo Travel to Daegu : Downtown Daegu, Dongseongro

Downtown Daegu is one of the biggest mainstreet in Korea and it's the most popular place where Young people in Daegu hang out. Downtown Daegu is famous for it's various them streets. There are Cafe Street, Rodeo Street, Club Street, Fashion and Jewel street. Why don't you explore Streets of Downtown Daegu and enjoy the young fever of Daegu?

- 2012 RailRo Travel to Daegu : Spot Daegu! Enjoy Daegu!

Daegu has many exclusive attractions such as Bangcheon market where tradition and art coexist and Yeongdo Market where there is the world first velvet museum. Seomun Market is one of the 3 representative traditional markets. There's also an European theme park in Korea called E-world. You can try sky jump at the park. While you are traveling in Daegu, you can get the stamps from each attraction and it will be a memorable souvenir. The stamp book(1,000won) is sold at the Travel Information Center.

- 2012 RailRo Travel to Daegu : Place for memories!, Place for food!

Did you know that the famous korean drama, Sarang-bi was filmed in Daegu? Korean wave stars, Geunseok Jang and Youna were the main actors in this drama! The film was mostly taken in Keimyung University Daemyung Campus and Serabi Music Dabang(Korean Traditional style cafe). Keimyung University is already well know for it's beautiful scenery and gardening and many korean films and drams were taken here. Serabi Music Dabang was built as a studio set for the drama and now it's opened to public as a real Dabang. I recommend to go these places to take pictures and make good memories.

What's your most interesting experience when you travel?! Many people would answer tasting local food! Daegu has many special streets where all restaurants sell the same food along the streets. Anjiran Spicy Gobchang street, Pyenghwa Ddongjib Street Apsan Cafe Street Bukseongro Udong and Bulgogi street and Dongindong Zzimgalbi street are one of them. When you get tired of walking and exhausted, try to find the street and enjoy the taste of Daegu!

- 2012 RailRo Travel to Daegu : Famous Restaurants of Daegu!

In addition to the food streets, there are many famous restaurants we recommend in Downtown Daegu. Miz Container and Seoga and cook have their unique recipes. Junghwa banjeom is the father of Yaki udong and there's also a Ddeokboki restaurant of 30 years' tradition. 

Are you already excited to visit Daegu? Come to Daegu with Rail Ro and enjoy our unique culture!