Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Upcoming Festival in Korea - the 9th Daegu International Musical Festival 2015 :: DIMF

The Daegu International Musical Festival - DIMF has returned this year~!
It is scheduled to be held from Jun 26 to Jul 13th, 2015
The festival is annually held with many brilliant things to see and enjoy.
DIMF has made Daegu the newly rising city of performing arts and highly esteemed globally and often requested to export DIMF produced musicals.
We would like to introduce the festival that is full of creative musicals and various events for you.

△ the 8th Daegu International Musical Festival (Photo : DIMF official website)

    The 9th Daegu International Musical Festival - DIMF

- Slogan : All New DIMF, Go DIMF
- Period : Jun 26th to Jul 13th, 2015 (18 days)
- Venue : Daegu major theatres and throughout the downtown
- Web site : http://www.dimf.or.kr
- Host : Daegu Metropolitan City
- Supervisor : Daegu International Musical Festival Corporation

★ Tickets for College Students Musical Festival's performances are free, but you have to make reservations on the website prior on the Jun 12th at 14pm, and exchange with tickets on the spot.

DIMF Main Programs 

- Officially invited performances 
Return to the Forbidden Planet, Phantom of London, Sweet Charity, Non Reading Club, Flower Shoes

- Creative Performances  
Homeless, Oscar Grammy Cy Young Award, The Doomsday 30days ago

- Special Performances 
Turandot, Taehwagang, Jung Do Jeon

- College Students Musical Festival 
Bungee Jumping of Their Own, Oh! While You Are Asleep, Grease, All Shook Up, Woyzeck, Les Miserables, Where dreams begin

- DIMFringe
Street festival with teams of various genres' performances at Feb 28 Memorial Park and throughout Daegu downtown 'Dongseong-ro' 

DIMF Major Venues

Daegu Opera House, Suseong Artpia, Debec Plaza Prime Hall, Daeduk Cultural Center, Smiling Art Center, CT Cultural Arts Theater, Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall, Dreaming Theater

※ You can check the schedule in detail here → http://f.dimf.or.kr/main.do?locale=1

Restaurant recommendations - Italian Restaurant in downtown of Daegu, Korea

This weekend we went to the 'SSOPI' restaurant in Daegu Downtown which is famous for the Italy dishes.
We recommend you to go to 'SSOPI' when you want to drink beer in the hot weather like these days.
Have you ever tried beer and Soju with western dishes like pasta and spaghetti in Korea?
Although it is very unknown and unexpected combination, but it is popular here for making people falling in love.

Well, it is located in the Daegu downtown’s famous street 'Dongseong-ro' which is near the cell phone alley.

It is not difficult to find the SSOPI restaurant once you are in downtown.
First, look at the green color signboard of SSOPI which ‘O’ has pizza sign that look so attractive.
The appearance of this restaurant is tidy and has a lot of sense.
Once you visit the restaurant, you will see the that the restaurant is full of couples and young people because of its popularity between the couples.

So, here should we visit the restaurant?
Before getting in the restaurant, we were thinking that it would be the large scale restaurant as we had seen in the many online web pages. But the scale of this restaurant was little smaller than what we expected.
However, you do not need to be disappointed for the size of restaurant. Size does not matter if you enjoy the delicious food with the very romantic and good atmosphere. 
Yes, I am sure that SSOPI restaurant's atmosphere will make you excited and pleased.
Especially the music playing there is very pleasant and good!

There are various kinds of food you can have in the 'SSOPI'.
that is why we took long time to decide what should we eat.
Every dishes which is existed in there were looking delicious.
There are Pizza, pasta and other lots of dishes as well as various types of soju and beer.
If you get a chance to go there, do not forget to try the special kind of drinks like various taste of beer and soju.

They served sweet potato prior to main dishes. 

I think this point is unique compare to other restaurant,
And after a lot of discussion and worries, we finally ordered the 'soju'. Because the name of the restaurant abbreviation for 'soju' and 'pizza'

First, Spanish shrimp Nabe(₩15,000) was served to our table. 
Take the dough, raspberry ditch and shrimp to the sauce.
Maybe, you would like it.
Shrimp soup might be a little hot, but this taste is addictive. 

The second food we had was Spicy Sea Snails pasta. (₩16,000)

When you hear this name, you can have question likewise 'Could it be really tasty?'
But believe me, if you try this dish, your thought before you have, will not come out at all.
The combination of pasta and sea snails has a fantastic chemistry.
Also this pasta has the amount of 1.5 servings to eat properly.

Finally Margherita pizza(₩12,500) comes out. 
Margherita pizza looks very simple with tomato paste with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.
Cheese is placed on the pizza. 
Dough is crunched to eat and sauces over the pizza is really good!!!
In addition to Margherita pizza, there is one of the best pizza which is called the ‘Star of SSOPI’.  
There is cream cheese inside of the ‘Star of SSOPI’ pizza. 
So if you like the cream cheese, do not forget to try this one. All dishes we have found here are very excellent and delicious and we are sure that food lover will visit here again and again.  

We enjoyed hearty and satisfied very much with the service of this restaurant. 

And you have decided to revisit this restaurant next time soon.
At that time, we will challenge the other dishes of SSOPI.

If you are in Daegu and whenever you want to enjoy delicious pizza and some special drinks, do not miss the chance to go to the SSOPI.

Opening hours
- 16:00 pm to 3:00 am on weekdays 

- 12:00 pm to 3:00 am on weekends
Inquiry : +85-53-256-9392

How to get to the restaurant?
- By subway : about 3 min walk from Banwoldang station exit 11
- By Taxi : It will take you about 15 min and cost 5,500 won from Dongdaegu Station.

Address : 25-8 Bongsan-dong , Jung-gu , Daegu

Friday, June 5, 2015

Foods of Korea Tour - Daegu Food Tour EXPO : DAFOOD 2015

I believe there are not many of you don’t like FOOD!
If you are into watching food, you can take some Meokbang photos at Daegu Food Tour EXPO. :) 
What does 'Meokbang' means?
'Meokbang'(먹방) is the abbreviation of 'food broadcast'(먹는 방송), which means a scene of TV programs that's all about delicious food and eating. It's very popular recently in Korea.

Here, a variety of foods that will make you feel happy is waiting for you at Daegu Food Tour EXPO 2015. Daegu’s 10 must-eat food? Sure they will have it.

Daegu Food Tour EXPO : DAFOOD 2015

- Period : 11th~14th June, 2015
- Exhibition : 10:00~18:00 (Entrance available until 17:00)
- Venue : Exhibition Hall, Ground Floor of Daegu EXCO
- Admission : 3,000 won / Group (over 20 people) 50% discount / Free for seniors(over 65 year-old), Disabled person, Children (under 7 year-old)

 ▲ Daegu Food Tour EXPO : DAFOOD 2014

▶ Major events 

Jun 11th, 2015 
Music performances(Ecuador, Russia), 
Happy Birthday Party macaroni Salad

Jun 12th, 2015 
Music performances(Ecuador), Viva l’italiaFusilli alla boscaiola(Italy), 
Making healthy sauce, Delicious tea

Jun 13th, 2015
Music performances(Ecuador),
Home Town food Chilli Boy (America), Korean natural foods

Jun 14th, 2015
Cocktail contest, 
Awards of cooking contest

▲ Daegu Food Tour EXPO : DAFOOD 2014

▶ Hands-on programs

Making Frog Burger 
- Period : 6 times during Food Tour EXPO (10am~17pm, an interval of 1 hour
- Time : about 50 min
- Fee : 5,000 won / maximum of 30 people per time

Korea Sugar Craft Association 
- Period : 6 times during Food Tour EXPO (10am~17pm, an interval of 1 hour)
               10:00/13:00/15:00 Sugar cookies
               11:00/ 14:00/16:00 Butter Cupcake
- Time : about 30 min / maximum of 30 people per time
- Fee : Sugar cookies 3,000 won / Butter Cupcake 5,000 won

Brewing Korean Traditional Liquor
- Period : 3 times during Food Tour EXPO (11am, 14pm, 16pm)
- Time : about 40 min / maximum of 30 people per time
- Fee : 10,000 won 

※ Registration for the programs is first-come-first-served basis on the day

▲ Daegu Food Tour EXPO : DAFOOD 2014

▲ Daegu Food Tour EXPO : DAFOOD 2014

▶ Inquiries
     - TEL : +82-53-601-5054, 
     - E-mail : ghkoo@exco.co.kr, dafood@exco.co.kr
     - Official Website : http://www.dafood.co.kr/eng/

 How to get to Daegu EXCO

Address : 1676, Sangyeok 2(i)-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea