Thursday, October 22, 2015

Autumn of Korea - A place where you can see the fall scenery of Daegu at a glance and Apsan Cablecar

A place where you can see the fall scenery of Daegu at a glance
A place where you can see the fall scenery of Daegu at a glance

Fall is the time when the leaves turn into beautiful shades and colors! 
When you want to enjoy the gorgeous fall scenery, Apsan Observatory of Apsan mountain park is the place to go!

Looking down from the Apsan Observatory, which can be reached through cable car, you will be able to see the whole city of Daegu. It’s the perfect way to end the day if you arrive just before the sunset to enjoy Daegu’s daytime, sunset and night view from one spot.

Even during its final operation hours, which are just past two hours from sunset, you can still have the chance to fully enjoy the beautiful night view. 

It is also a famous destination or dates because of the constellation tunnel, and the streets filled with cafes near Apsan mountain Park.

Apsan Cablecar

▶ Hours : 10:00 - 18:30 (operation until 20:00 on Fri, Sat, Sun, Holidays in October) 
▶ Fare

Round trip ticket
One way ticket
*Child : 4 year old to elementary school students
*Group : Over 30 ppl (exclusive Sat, Sun)
*Daegu city tour double-decker bus ticket holders get a 20% fare discount on a round trip ticket.

10% discount on a coffee of cafe 'Coffee Myung-ga' in Apsan cablecar for cablecar ticket holders.

574-114, Apsansunhwan-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Historical Place in Korea - A Walk to the Colonel Nayar Monument in Daegu

Historical Place in Korea
A Walk to the Colonel Nayar Monument in Daegu

There are many historical and beautiful place in Daegu which is worth to see and experience. I have visited many place but this month it was very special experience for me. So I thought to introduce and share this wonderful and amazing historical place with the readers. 

If you like to see some historical place and walk around the nature, then I would recommend you to visit an Indian martyr who sacrificed his life during the inter Korean war time in Daegu. Yes I am talking about the Monument of Colonel Nayar.

This may sound to you little bit strange, but an Indian Colonel M. K. Unni Nayar an Indian army delegate appointed from UN commission on Korea was killed on duty while he was providing help to the people of Korea during the South and North Korean war in 1950. He was appointed here for not war but for the peace and help to the war effected people but he himself bravely sacrificed himself for the people of Korean peninsula.

I am going to tell a brief history about him and then I will share some pictures surrounding the area of Colonel Nayar memorial.
Mr. M. K. Unni Nayar was killed on 12 August 1950 and next day his body was cremated at the Beomeo-dong mountain near Suseong-gu and later Dague local government official made monument to remember his great contribution for the people of Korea. Later Colonel Nayar family visited this place and pay respect to the great person for his great work. Korean always remember and pay thanks to all the Indian people for this great contribution and help during the war time. 
As you can see on the board, it is written “Immortal Love!! Linking India and Korea” that tell the deep root of love and friendship between two countries despited of geographically far from each other but live together in the heart of each other since a very long time and there are many historical evidence we can see.

I took local transport with my friend and reach to the Susong-gu Beomeo-dong intersection. Then took a walk along with my friend to the Daegu girls' high school and found a small green hill near by there and there were a narrow way to go up to the hill. Walking inside the green silent hill was very interesting and new experience to us. There were few benches we saw inside the jungle. Then we find the memorial after walking around 20 minutes and reach to the memorial. I and m
y friend first paid tribute in front of Memorial.

As we can see in the map there are many ways to reach to the Colonel Nayar monument. I am sure you will feel pleasant here and the green hill give you peace and joy. If you have more time you may discover the green and clean hill area and spend some time with friend to walk inside the hill. 

After walking around the wonderful place and monument we decided to visit an Indian restaurant near by Beomo metro station to pay tribute with Colonel Nayar lovable Indian Curry and talked little more about the life and scarify of Colonel Nayar and his family and the emotion of Korean with him.

After that we walk around the area and found that KBS office is very near by the colonel Nayar monument.

The Colonel Nayar Monument is located in Beomeo Park, 11min walk from the Korean children's centre station, subway line 3.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Korea Travel Guide :: The best way to travel in Daegu for autumn - Daegu City Tour Double-decker Bus

The best way to travel in Daegu for autumn, Daegu City Tour Double-decker Bus
The best way to travel in Daegu for autumn
Daegu City Tour Double-decker Bus

2015 Korea Fall Tourism Week is starting today and will be until November 1st.
If you are traveling to Daegu to enjoy this fall, Daegu Travel would like to let you know the best way to travel for you!  
Daegu is great to travel with public transportation such as subway, monorail, buses and taxi. But the best way is traveling by Daegu city tour double-decker bus! It helps you stay on budget, enjoy the 10 tastes of Daegu and the most attractive destinations while traveling.

[City Tour Double-Decker Bus Service Guide]

▶ Hours: 9:30am~6:40pm(No service on Mondays, New Year's Day and Chuseok Holiday)
▶ Starting point: Daegu City Tour bus stop, in front of Dongdaegu Train Station
(Embarkation and disembarkation possible from every stop)
▶ Fees: 5,000won for adults, 4,000won for middle & high school students, 3,000won for children,
senior citizens & the disabled.
※ 3,000won for one person who accompanies the severely disabled(1st~3rd degree disability).
Free for kids under 48 months.
※ 20% fare discount for
- Passengers who have a train or express bus ticket for the same day
- Foreign tourists (with voucher from hotels, guest houses, and Hanok traditional houses)
- Passengers in groups of over 10 persons
※ City tour tickets can be purchased on the city tour bus, which allows for freely embarking and disembarking the bus with a onetime ticket purchase.
▶ Benefits: Guide service is offered on the bus, presented by a Culture & Tour Guide.
▶ Information: Daegu Infrastructure Corporation +82-53-603-1800, 

Daegu city tour double-decker bus travelers are given postcards of Daegu attractions at Seomun market information centre (1,000 giveaways on a first come first served basis) from Oct 19 to Nov 1.